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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:     What does MFRC stand for?
A:     It stands for Military Family Resource Centre.

Q:     What does DND stand for?
A:     It stands for Department of National Defence.

Q:     How does the MFRC fit into the big DND picture?
A:     MFRCs are mandated and partially funded by DMFS (the Directorate of Military Family Support), which is part of DND, the Department of National Defence.

Q:     What is CRA and how are they connected to the MFRC?
A:     CRA stands for Community Recreation Association. They are an organization under PSP (Personnel Support Program) that deals with recreational activities, clubs and related services on the Edmonton Garrison. Although the MFRC partners in many ways with the CRA, the two agencies are not linked in any official capacity.

Q:     Do you have to be a member to use the MFRC?
A:     Yes. Our programs and services are available for all military members (regular and reserve forces) and their families.  You can sign up for membership in a matter of moments at the front desk of the MFRC.  Membership is free.

Q:     Is the MFRC only for people who live on base (on the garrison)?
A:     No! Your residence has nothing to do with whether services are available to you. We serve all military families, regardless of whether you live in Lancaster Park, Griesbach, St. Albert, Edmonton, Gibbons, Morinville, Redwater, Fort Saskatchewan, etc. (you get the picture). We also provide Outreach services to families being posted in from other bases while they are still there.

Q:     Why aren't your programs free?
A:     Although some of our programs receive funding support from DMFS in Ottawa, most programs are run on a cost-recovery basis. That means, as a non-profit organization, we charge our users enough in fees only to be able to operate the program. We do not seek profit in our business dealings and often look to fundraising, grants, sponsorship and other sources of funding to help us reduce costs to our users.

Q:     Do you run programs for adults or just children?
A:     We offer programs for people of all ages. Check our section on programs and services for adults for a complete listing.

Q:     Where can I find out what's going on at the MFRC?
A:     There are several different ways to keep connected:
  • Continue using our Web site. It is your source for the most current news. We recommend you add it to your list of favourites or bookmarks.
  • Receive the monthly MFRC Bulletins and Newsletters, either through e-mail or regular mail.
    Send us your name, e-mail address, address and phone number to
    Or call us at (780) 973-4011 ext 6300 with your information.
  • Read the Western Sentinel. This bi-weekly publication is distributed to all military families. If you do not receive the publication, feel free to call Cpl Goundry at 973-4046. She'll help set you up.
  • Call or fax us. Refer to our contact page for more information on how to reach the program that interests you most.

Q:     Who runs the MFRC?
A:     Our organization is led by a volunteer Board of Directors. Administrative leadership is provided by the Executive Director, who works with
program staff to ensure service standards are met. Most MFRC programming is directed by DMFS in the form of the MFRC Operational Plan, a collection of minimum standards and guidelines. The MFRC operates based on a three-year business plan that is approved by both the local Base Commander and DMFS.

Q:     How can I get on your e-mailing list?
A:     Send us your name, e-mail address, address and phone number to  Or call us at (780) 973-4011 ext 6300 with your information.

Q:     How can I get on your mailing list?
A:     Send us your name, address and phone number to  Or call us at (780) 973-4011 ext 6300 with your information.

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