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Free FFree Mail Service - Edmonton Garrison

Military family members can send “care packages” to loved ones overseas. The service may be used by CF personnel, their families, DND or other Federal Government employees (includes RCMP and CFPSA).  Civilian contractors are not entitled to use this service.

 Please refer to the MFSP Family Handbook for Military Operations pg 26 for general information on sending mail overseas.

 The free mail service should not be used if the member is due to return to Canada within four weeks of mailing date.

Items cannot be traced using this service and delivery times are varied and not guaranteed.  If you require these service, you may wish to use Canada Post for quicker delivery.

No Charitable donations and/or humanitarian aid is permitted to be sent through this service (in accordance with policy issued by the VCDS).  

 Drop Off Locations

Families may drop off their SHOEBOX size (or smaller) mail to:

  • MFRC Deployment Support Drop-In Centre (GFSCC) in Building 161

  • Families may drop off larger size mail to

Garrison Mailroom at Garrison HQ in Building 181

  •  Mailroom is open 7:30 a.m. - 12 noon; 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

  •  After-hour drop off may be made at the Garrison Duty Centre in the same building (Building 181)


- Maximum Weight: 20 kg or 44 lb

- Size: Maximum length may not exceed 1 m

- Overall maximum dimensions not to exceed 2 m

- Oversize or overweight parcels will not be accepted.

- Parcels must be properly addressed to members, which includes their unit.

- Senders must place their return address in top left corner, along with their home phone number

- All parcels must have a detailed list of the contents on the front bottom left corner of parcel.

- Letters may also be mailed.

- All parcels are x-rayed at CFPU Trenton before dispatch overseas and subject to inspection by host country.

Prohibited Items

Canada Post guidelines regarding prohibited items to host country will be followed. The following are prohibited items for mailing:

- Articles which may generally be viewed as obscene. (pornography)       

- Compressed gases (certain aerosols)

- Corrosive liquids/solids (bleach, acids, certain batteries)

- Flammable liquids/solids (flints, lighter fluid, perfumes)

- Explosives (fireworks)

- Alcoholic products (wine, beer, spirits)

- Tobacco Products (cigarettes, cigars)

- Drugs and narcotics (includes prescription drugs)

- Perishable items

- Weapons, firearms or anything resembling a weapon are not permitted to be mailed. This includes replicas.

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